Each project is different and every situation has its own requirements. However, there are a number of choices that in almost every project has to be made. Some of these choices are listed below (click on the headings to see some pictures). When you want something special for your mezzanine, we have a collaboration with a design studio to give the construction that special look.


Stairs can be applied in many dimensions and variations. For example you can choose the material of the handrail but also the angle of the staircase.

Pallet plate

There are several solutions for placing pallets on the mezzanine. You can choose the standard pallet place with a savety chain but there are also more options available like the pallet gate, slide gade or swing gate.


In some situations a elevator can be the best opportunity. In that case Stellux has contact with reliable suppliers in this branche.


A Stellux-mezzanine can be finished many ways. Standard is a wooden, pressed plate. This high quality chipboard is capable for most of the applications. But in some situations there might be more requirements for the decking. Beside the choise in coatings you can there is also a option for a metal grating floor or a diamond plate covering for example.